Suvekoolid Kreekas

TalTechi teadurid korraldavad sel suvel Kreekas kaks huvitavat suvekooli, mis ühilduvad väga hästi tasaarengu põhimõtetega. Sihtgrupiks eelkõige magistri ja doktorantuuri taseme tudengid. Üritused toimuvad inglise keeles, seega on ka kirjeldused vastavad:

Technology, society and the future (July 20-July 23, 2022) [more info]

News from Nowhere is a utopian novel written in 1890 by William Morris. Morris imagined a world in which human happiness and economic activity coincided. He reminds us that there needs to be a point to labor beyond making ends meet. Capitalism, he explains, locks the capitalist into a horrible life, which leads nowhere but the grave. Morris’s utopian society has no government nor a monetary system. Craftwork has made “wage slavery” obsolete, and parliamentary democracy has given way to new forms of cooperation. The means of production are democratically controlled, and people find pleasure in sharing their interests, goals and resources. Is now the utopian vision of Morris within reach?

Energy as a commons (August 30-September 02, 2022) [more info]

The last decade has marked a significant increase in the global conscience of the need for radical changes in our “way of life.” The issue of rethinking our energy systems –traditionally centralized and fossil-fuel-based to support mass consumption– has been prominent and contentious. Due to its complexity, proposed solutions often address the symptoms of the current socioeconomic configuration rather than tackling its core assumptions. This summer school aims to explore a radically novel energy system that could reconceptualize the material and digital infrastructure and the political economy that permeates it.

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